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Planned Giving

Older couple walking together in a parkAll of us, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation have the ability to leave a legacy. Your legacy gift of any size can be customized and structured to fit your dreams, lifestyle, family and financial needs. By making Deborah part of your long term financial and estate planning, your gift will benefit Deborah and its patients tomorrow and beyond, just as you intend it to. We offer a variety of meaningful ways for your to remember and honor loved ones, relatives, friends and associates; as well as meaningful recognition for your generous support. When you create a personal legacy with a gift in your will or estate plans, we welcome you to Deborah’s Heritage Circle Society, and add your name to our Donor Wall in the Gallery of Donors prominently located at the main entrance of Deborah.

Gift in Will or Living Trust

Your will or trust is the ultimate reflection of your values. It gives you the opportunity to provide for your loved ones and is one of the most common ways of making a legacy gift. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a millionaire to leave a gift in your will or estate plans to a charitable organization.

There are many avenues for including Deborah Hospital Foundation in your will or trust. It takes a simple designation in your will or trust, and will not affect you’re your cash flow during your lifetime. It is easy to modify if your situation changes. Call or e-mail Ellen Krivchenia for sample bequest clauses or to speak with a staff member about your individual objectives.

You can also click here for our sample bequest clauses.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable Gift Annuities are a combination of a gift to Deborah and a fixed, quarterly, lifetime income to you. Your income payments may be much higher than on low-earning securities or CDs. The older you are, the higher your rate of return. You can choose one or two beneficiaries. Check here for CGA one-life rates as of July 1, 2022. Call or e-mail Ellen Krivchenia for a personalized, no-obligation illustration outlining your payments and tax benefits.

Codicil to a Will

If you have an existing, updated will, and wish to add Deborah Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary, a Codicil may be right for you.

A codicil is a document your attorney can prepare to amend your will without re-writing the entire document. State law governs wills, codicils and trusts. Further, any gift you make may have tax consequences under state and federal law. You should consult an attorney experienced in tax and estate planning in the state where you live to prepare or amend a codicil or will. Deborah Hospital Foundation does not provide legal or tax advice. This sample codicil is provided to give general information about the form such a document may take and language that may be used to make a gift to Deborah.



Various types of trusts are designed to convert large, highly-appreciated assets into a lifetime income stream without generating estate taxes and capital gains taxes on the transfer and sale of the appreciated assets. Ask your advisor about how a trust may benefit both you and Deborah.

Become a Member of Deborah’s Heritage Circle Society

Deborah's Heritage Circle Society

When you support Deborah Hospital Foundation through a planned gift, we welcome you to our distinguished Heritage Circle Society. Heritage Circle members are honored at an annual Foundation luncheon and are listed in a special section of our Donor of Distinction Wall, prominently located at the front entrance of Deborah Heart and Lung Center.

Click here to let us know that you made a provision for Deborah Hospital Foundation in your Will or Estate Plans, or contact Ellen Krivchenia at 609-893-0100 or

For Financial Planners and Estate Attorneys

Thank you for visiting Deborah Hospital Foundation’s website.
If you are a trustee, financial planner or attorney assisting a client naming Deborah Hospital Foundation an estate beneficiary, please use this information to name us:

Legal name: Deborah Hospital Foundation
Address: 212 Trenton Rd, Browns Mills, NJ 08015
Federal Tax ID number: 22-2049500
Phone number: (609) 893-0100

Ellen Krivchenia Director of Legacy and Planned GiftesWe hope you will encourage your client to let us know of his or her plans. We would like to say thank you, welcome him or her into our distinguished Heritage Circle Society, and, with permission, provide appropriate recognition for such generosity. Notifying us of an estate gift helps ensure that we receive the gift intended for us, and that the donor’s wishes are honored.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Krivchenia, Director, Legacy and Planned Gifts, at (609) 893-0100 or

The IRA Rollover - An Easy Gift Option

If you are seventy and a half or older, you can make a gift to Deborah Hospital Foundation from your individual retirement account (IRA) or Roth IRA while enjoying a federal tax benefit.

When you make a gift to Deborah from your IRA, you do not recognize the transfer as income. Funds gifted from your IRA will NOT subject your Social Security income to higher tax levels and will count toward your annual minimum required distribution (MRD). As such, no additional charitable deduction is given for your rollover.

The law allows up to $100,000 per IRA owner or beneficiary. (A husband and wife with separate IRAs could give up to $200,000 per year.)

Checks must be made payable directly by your IRA administrator to Deborah Hospital Foundation. Please click here for a Request for Charitable Distribution of Cash Letter to send to your administrator. Please click here for a Request for Charitable Distribution of Stock Letter
to send to your administrator.

Please call Tom Drotar or Ellen Krivchenia at 609-893-0100. You can also email Tom at or Ellen at with any questions.

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