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... when you change your perspective

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Over the last year we all experienced a seismic transformation to our normal way of life.  The most notable change was to our perspective.  We don’t look at things the same way we once did.  We don’t take life for granted as we once did.  We seem to have more appreciation for others than we once did.

Each year, thousands of families come to Deborah seeking specialized medical expertise by the country’s most revered and dedicated medical professionals.

Like you, these incredible doctors and nurses are woven into the fabric of their families and communities.  It’s easy to take them for granted and forget they, and their families, endured the same pandemic-related challenges as the rest of us.  In spite of that, driven by their dedication, they continue to increase their work schedules to be more available for patients during life’s most difficult moments.

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In recognition of their ongoing devotion, compassion and selflessness we invite you to join us in honoring these incredible individuals by supporting our…

2021 Clinical Staff Appreciation Appeal

Doctors’ Day March 30th thru Nurses’ Day May 12th.

Make a gift and send a note recognizing a physician or nurse that made a difference during your time at Deborah. If their name escapes you, a general message and donation is always appreciated. You’ll be pleased to know the results of the appeal and the notes will be shared with the entire staff.

On behalf of Deborah’s doctors, nurses, and all of our dedicated employees, we wish you a healthy Spring. Enjoy your new perspective. Stay safe and keep well.

Steve Toal
Chief Development Officer, Fellow Donor and Grateful Patient

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