Funding Needed for Projects and Equipment for 2018
at Deborah Heart and Lung Center


Below are some of the items we have placed on our wish list.
  If you would like to donate funds for one, or several items on this list,
please contact the Deborah Foundation at 609-893-0100.

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Perfusion – Total Needed - $ 150,000

Hemodialysis Machine $150,000 (3 Needed at $25,000 each) - A machine that does the work both of the heart and of the lungs: pumping and oxygenating blood. Blood returning to the heart is diverted through a heart-lung machine before being returned to arterial circulation.  Such machines may be used during open-heart surgery  

Respiratory Care Services – Total Needed $428,000 

Ventilators $350,000 (10 needed $35,000 each)  - Provides temporary respiratory support or assistance to patients who cannot breath on their own or who require assistance to maintain adequate ventilation because of illness trauma or congenital defects.
Metabolic Cart - $78,000 (1 needed) – A metabolic cart measures the oxygen consumed and the carbon dioxide produced by the patient, and then calculates the energy expenditure which will determine the work capacity of the patient.    

Non-Invasive Cardiology – Total Needed $ 280,000

Ultrasound Echo Machine $280,000 (2 needed $140,000 each) – Cardiac ultrasonic scanning system are designed specifically for real time, Non-Invasive imaging of heart structures and functionality.  


Bio Medical Engineering  - Total Needed $1,210,000

Defibrillator - $ 565,000 (50 needed at $11,300 each)  - Used to deliver appropriate therapy in order to restore cardiac rhythm for a patient that is experiencing cardiac arrest.  

Physiological Monitoring System - $515,000 (1 needed) 

Continuous monitoring is a valuable tool that helps provide additional information to the medical and nursing staff about the physiologic condition of the patient. Using this information, the clinical staff can better evaluate a patient’s condition and make appropriate treatment decisions.
Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump - $130,000 (2 needed at $65,000 each) An intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) is a mechanical device that helps the heart-pump blood. This device is inserted into the aorta, the body's largest artery. It is a long, thin tube called a catheter with a balloon on the end of it. If you are hospitalized, your doctor may insert an IABP.  








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