Funding Needed for Projects and Equipment for 2019
at Deborah Heart and Lung Center


Below is a list of equipment that departments at the hospital have placed
on their wish list.   If you would like to donate funds for one or more of the items,
please contact Deborah Hospital Foundation at 609-893-0100.

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Patient Care Services - Total Needed 1 - $16,000

Handheld Video Laryngoscope - $16,000
A video laryngoscope is designed to visualize a patient’s larynx with digital video technology. It is a device which uses fiber optics for intubation, and allows the clinician a clear and concise view when inserting an endotracheal tube especially in patients with difficult airways. A handheld unit is essential for code tram responders so they can emergently intubate a patient.

Anesthesiology – Total Needed 1 - $45,000

Anesthesia Machine - $45,000
Anesthesia machines are designed to provide an accurate and continuous supply of medical gasses, mixed with a concentration of anesthetic vapor, and deliver this to the patient at a safe pressure and flow. The Bilateral Monitoring System (BIS) provides information on depth of consciousness and sedation of patient by evaluating brain waves to indicate awareness of anesthesia.


Operating Room – Total Needed 3 - $57,000

Sternal Saw - $19,000 each 
A Sternal Saw is a bone cutter used to split the sternum in order to perform open-heart surgery. Newer models are more portable with batteries rather than electrical cords, and are ergonomically designed for the user.



Perfusion – Total Needed 2 - $127,000

Extracorporeal Circulatory Support Pump - $63,500 each
A Blood Pump System, also known as a ventricular assist system, is effective for cardiopulmonary support, providing hemodynamic stabilization for patients in need of mechanical circulatory support. This system is designed for patients with acute heart failure and can potentially improve their outcomes.



Radiology – Total Needed 1 - $110,000

Digital Radiographic Wall Stand - $110,000
A Digital Radiographic Wall Stand takes x-rays and stores the image to a computer, and allows the operator to enhance the acquired image for interpretation. Digital radiography provides high quality images in seconds which results in a quicker turnaround time for the physicians.


Catheterization Laboratory Total Needed 1- $200,000

Radiation Safety System - $200,000
This Radiation Safety System is designed to increase the level of radiation protection for the clinician while eliminating the burden of wearing lead aprons. This suspended system is designed to move with the user and reduce fatigue, while offering maximum protection throughout the procedure. Complex fluoroscopic procedures keep interventionists in the Catheterization Laboratory for many hours each day, and if not properly protected, can be exposed to some level of radiation.


Nuclear Medicine – Total Needed 1 - $300,000        

Gamma Camera - $300,000
The Gamma Camera is an imaging technique that detects gamma rays emitted from a patient’s body after the administration of a radioactive drug. The unit consists of one or more flat crystal detectors, optically coupled to an array of photomultiplier tubes. The assembly is known as a “head” and is mounted on a gantry. The gantry is connected to a computer system that both controls the operation of the camera as well as acquisition and storage of acquired images.









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