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Barbara Sroka

Board Member

Barbara Sroka has had a long history with Deborah as her mother was a former tuberculosis patient. At a very young age, she would spend her Sunday’s at Deborah visiting her mother. After her mother’s recovery Ms. Sroka watched her form several chapters of volunteers in North Jersey. She attended Fairleigh Dickinson University majoring in Education and taught in New Providence & Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Ms. Sroka gave up teaching after 15 years and moved to Florida to help her parents who had retired there. She joined the South Palm Beach Chapter and was elected to the position of Membership Vice President and became a Life Member. After several years of active involvement she became the chapter’s youngest President. She continues her role as an educator providing information about Deborah to keep the Florida volunteers aware of our goals and as passionate about their support of Deborah as she is. Ms. Sroka also serves as a Co-Chair for the Annual Spring Gala Luncheon hosted in Florida.

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